Monday, 15 June 2009

Run Run Run

I really need to get the hang of this blog thing, I just managed to delete a whole post before clicking publish and no idea how?!!!!!

Just burned 175cals on the treadmill in 20mins. Feeling nice and fit.. haha. Unfortunately, not looking very fit. I can feel my weight gain.. My clothes are tight >:(

Day 1 - ABC - 500cals. Intake so far: Water. Trying to kick this hangover out of my head. Boom boom boom. Bad times. I dont drink often.

Going for a run later (Yes, in public!). Need to burn this fat. BURN BURN BURN.


  1. You are doing well! Keep up with the good work!

  2. so what exactly is your plan?
    like 500 cals a day?
    thats pretty good actually,
    i believe in you!<3
    stay strong