Friday, 26 June 2009

131.5 lbs

Haha... Very Happy I Am Down A Pound :)

I was so hungry again yesterday. I kept snacking on Ryvita and made myself sick on Diet Coke blehh.. And I was craving sweet stuff sooooooooo bad, but resisted, and very glad I did :D

Now I need to keep this weight going down. I am so afraid that I will regain over the weekend. It often happens :/ I think what the hell Im so hungry, and hey, its Friday/Saturday/Sunday so it doesnt count - But EVERY DAY COUNTS. I need to lose. I feel so good to be this light again :) Mustnt Fuck Up.

Points For Yesterday: 11


  1. nice job!!
    just keep up the good work... and by all means don't let yourself go!!! b/c you're right, EVERY DAY COUNTS. period.

  2. I have the same problems with weekends - but stay strong. And how AWESOME for you!! :D

  3. Haha I love Ryvita! And 131.5 is great! You're sooo close to 130.
    Stay strong! (:

  4. weekends= not work=invitations=people=food. im the same. family is the worst!

  5. what is ryvita? :)
    i wish i was 131.. thats my first goal weight. i just cant budge my weight :(
    but keep it up! every day counts!!