Thursday, 18 June 2009

Im Feeling A Little Better I Guess

Only had my 300 cals today hooray. Still feeling down and fed up though. Supposed to be going out tomorrow but told everyone I cant go. I said I was skint, which I am, but also I dont really want to spoil things by drinking and tbh, Im not that much fun in this mood :/ WTF is wrong with me?! Getting my period maybe...?

Weight: 134lbs

ABC - Day 3 (Take 2 lol)
Intake: 300/300

Weight Loss Competition
Water: 8
Other: 2
TOTAL: 10 points


  1. i think not eating makes your head crazy.
    it sure makes me crazy :/
    but no worries, cuz when you get thin and sexy then its ok to be crazy :)

  2. what does skint mean?
    and its okay.. we're all crazy a little bit.
    just keep trying, it took you two days to get it right, but at least you didnt give up!! :)

    keep it up girlie!