Monday, 15 June 2009


Weight: 139lbs

Intake: 500/500

Weight Loss Competition
Exercise: 3
Water: 8
Other: 3
TOTAL: 14 points

So, my first day of ABC and the weight loss competition has gone pretty well. I did 20mins on the treadmill, and went for a half hour run outside, which is more exercise than i would normally do in a week (I havent always been this lazy of course). Tomorrow I plan to walk to town and back, about an hour both ways, maybe a little less. And maybe treadmill again OR another run (or both haha but I think that is a little optimistic..). I have eaten an apple, ryvita x2, and a prawn salad with a little bit of couscous and sweetcorn. Still too much, but within my calorie limit today, and my intake is going down down down. I hope I have lost a little by tomorrow, and my tummy goes down a bit. It is still so swollen for this weekend. I look pregnant, its not good.


  1. the exercise like, stopped. but that was last week, and this is a whole new week, and im re-starting everything.
    i did freaking every exercise video my mom had. theyre all from the 80s. yay for jazzercise! lol

  2. Good job on sticking to your calories. When I get the strength, I'd like to join you for a week on ABC, if that's okay? Maybe next week or something.

    Are you making any exercise goals for yourself while you're doing ABC? Like, burning a certain amount of calories per week or day?

  3. when u exercise...just think u r burning fat!then u will be motivated =] i should start doin some exercise too~ XD

  4. How do you manage to restrict yourself to 500 calories a day? I guess this is a question for everyone who does that actually.. Some foods are so high in calories it's like.. Gah! I can't ever eat that!!! Do you eat all 500 calories at once or spread them out through the day?

    What was your average calorie intake before the ABC? I mean, is 500 less then what you were eating on average before, or is it more? I am just trying to understand how you can do it because I know that at this point, I could not restrict myself to 500 a day. I think it would have to be something to work up to (or down to!) Props to you for starting on this diet and I look forward to watching you progress and maintaining that self control :)