Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Weight: 136lbs

Intake: 500/500

Weight Loss Competition
Exercise: 7
Water: 8
TOTAL: 15 points


  1. You can respond to my comments on your page - I'm sure that others would find your answers to my questions helpful, too.

    Anyway, in response to the comment you left me, I have another question.. What made you decide to limit yourself initially? And did you just suddenly decide to limit yourself to 500 calories a day when you decided to start counting? Like, I've been counting and trying to limit myself to something I decided I could handle starting out.. I have no idea how much I was consuming before I started counting, but since I started counting, I figure I was consuming A LOT (which disgusts me!!) Just wondered if your experience was similar..

    I think you are doing a great job and keep up with the self control (where do you find the strength?! You are amazing!!)

  2. Thats a good question. At the beginning, I didnt count. It seems wierd now that i never actually knew the calorie value for everything.. i just started cutting down and eating less and lost weight that way. Then i started exercising and would see how many calories I was burning and so I figured I just eat less than that.. But it wasnt until I began looking up diets and such online that I really began counting seriously and following different diet plans and keeping within their intake allowance. Im doing ABC at the moment (ana boot camp) the first two days are 500 cals, today is 300, tomorrow 400, friday 100 and so on a different amount of calories per day, so Im trying to stick to that at the moment. It helps with control. I find that if i dont follow a plan then I binge and that is never good... Umm i hope that helps??? Also, I totally get you about when you start counting you are shocked at how much you wre actually eating!!!!