Thursday, 18 June 2009

I Dont Feel Myself Today :/

Thanks for the support from everyone yesterday, it means so much to me :)

This morning I weighed and I am still 134lbs, which means I havent lost, but also I havent gained so that is very good !!

So, yesterday is gone and today is a new day, 300cals. So far: water.

Unfortunately I havent done any exercise :( My feet are really sore today and it hurts even to walk which sucks big time grr. Im feeling really depressed today, not myself. I dont know why. I burst into tears because I couldnt find a cup. Serious.


  1. aww hun i do that too, just randomly out of nowhere i start crying... it sucks, but whenever you fall, pick yourself back up and tell yourself you can do this. no matter what the "this" is, it will pass, and youll re-emerge a stronger and more beautiful you :)
    congrats on not gaining :D

  2. i love fasting it makes me feel clean :)
    and the water fast isnt really that hard because when i do it i make sure to always be full of water so i cant possibly be hungry.. like drinking at least a gallon of water a day.
    i told one of my friends that i drank a gallon of water a day and she was like wow.. thats gross...
    now there's a fat person for ya. :/
    but oh well. i wont be fat :)

  3. 90% of losing weight is food intake (that almost rhymes) or so, I've heard. It's clearly logical to figure that if you consume 300 calories, you'll want to burn twice that to lose weight. But you're burning calories anyway, just by functioning. If your feet are too sore to exercise, I wouldn't worry about it today. You don't want to exercise and hurt your feet more and be even worse off tomorrow then you are today, right? Just stick to the 300 calories and you'll be fine :)

  4. ughhhh! dont you hate that when you just start bawling? i know how you feel, i have severe mood swings (bipolar) and i know what it means to not feel yourself. i hope you start feeling better! :)

    and youll do well today. i have faith!
    and at least you didnt gain any weight!! <3

    love the picture on this post.
    go orange :)

  5. I understand your frustration. >< I hate it when i want to exercise and my body is not up for it.
    Crying over small things might seem weird (i hate to admit, i do that alot) but tears helps you release negative hormones.
    So i hope you are feeling all better now and enjoying your 300cal day which you so can do it!

  6. What the fuck do you people not understand about eating healthy and exercising? You're worse than fat people because you are in fact delusional. Fat people know they are fat and eating unhealthy shit but you twats think you are making yourselves look "good". YES OF COURSE YOU CRY AND HAVE MOOD SWINGS, GENIUS. You're not eating. You obviously have no friends, family or any real connection in your life. Fuck, no wonder you have to starve yourself for attention. Get a fucking hobby, read a book, or fucking kill yourselves already, you pathetic wastes of space. Thankfully, you're so fucked up both in body and mind that no one will ever love you and you will never reproduce. For that, I thank you.