Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ana Boot Camp

My name is Angel and I will be using this site to track my progress on ABC. I am going on holiday in less than 50 days, and so wont be able to complete the whole plan, but I want to follow it as best I can until then. Also, Its 25 days until I go holiday shopping, which is the half-way point, and I want to have lost a fair amount by then.

I have followed this diet before, although it became too difficult after about 30 days and I never managed to complete it. I have attempted it since but have never gotten past the first week. But I need to do this, and I know I can. I have done it before, I can do it again.

Also, I need to start exercising more. I am so damn lazy these days :(

Anyway, I will be starting on Monday with 500cals, so wish me luck and I invite you to follow me on my journey. I would be very grateful for support, and please no haters - this is my choice. (If you can call 6yrs of eating problems a choice that is!)

Comment me, I'd like to make some new friends xXx

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  1. I'll follow you (secretly!!) because I am interested.