Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I Am So Hungry Today :/

Its 5.30pm and Ive had a banana today, and some jam :/
I plan to have a bowl of porridge later, only 98cals. Made with water of course.
I have had loads of diet coke too because we dont have water right now.
I feel huge. I shouldnt feel this big and heavy after eating so little :(
But it feels like I have eaten loads, like I am out of control. WTF?!
Must stop a binge coming on.


  1. it's probably just bloating from the coke
    stay strong

  2. be careful with the diet coke.
    apartame is dangerous. its not even supposed to be in anything. :/
    i want you to be thin, but i dont want you to be thin because you have cancer from aspartame :(

    keep up the good work tho!! :)

  3. yeah what xthinforever said.

    I should also add that anything that contains lots of chemicals (like soft drinks) has the effect of raising the levels of acid in your system that eats at your muscles turning you into a flabby mushy 'skinny-fat' person, and none of us want that!