Thursday, 25 June 2009

I am still 132.5 lbs. Which is GOOD, I did not gain. Hoorayyyy :) And I was so worried I would.

But, I need to lose. I burned off 181 cals on the treadmill. I am pleased with myself because I really really really didnt want to, I hate exercise :( But I forced myself. And now I feel much better for it. I have to remember this feeling. The feeling of goodness after working out. Fitness. Achievement. AND I need to keep in mind that this will make me thin. I wont get thin sitting on my ass all day.

Points For Yesterday: -2 (I went over my limit)


  1. The very first time I got a gym membership I absolutely LOATHED going. But now, I get depressed when there is no room in my schedule to go. Soon you'll be dying to work out. You'll see. ;)

  2. Haha I seriously doubt it :/ I used to go on the treadmill every single day for 8 or 9 months and hated it every single day!!!!! I just dont like it.

  3. its always helpful to keep thinking about the end result. yes, you want to sit around all day, but if you exercise, it sends beta-endorphins to your brain that make you happy, the same kind of endorphins that your brain gets when you eat. so theoretically, if you exercise when your craving something, you wont be hungry when your done?
    could work, i might try it :)
    stay strong