Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I Dont Know :/

I went over my cal intake today. I dont even know by how much. So, I will attempt ABC Day 3- 300cals, again tomorrow. I really hope I havent gained, I havent eaten loads like a binge or anything but, aargh I dont know :(

Weight Loss Competition
Over Intake: -10
Exercise: 1
Water: 8
Other: 2
TOTAL: 1 .. Sorry orange team :(


  1. It sucks to go over - you end up feeling lame and all that. But, tomorrow is a new day and another chance at success :)

  2. girl~ even tho u went over limit~ but u didnt binge! n for that im proud of u [=

  3. i agree, you didnt binge! thats good.
    orange team still rocks, i put 23 points up yesterday, so ill share them with ya! :) lol.

    keep your chin up and tomorrow is a new day!