Saturday, 18 July 2009

failed another driving test
thats me
drunk way too much
drown sorrows pahhh like i could
fuckin failure
fucking waste of space
thats me


  1. I failed my driving test so many times, I didn't get my license until I was 24, so I totally feel for you. I even had to do driver's ed twice.

    You're not a failure or a waste of space - you will get it when you are ready. It will be fine. Just don't give up - you will get it.

  2. im 27 and still dont have my liscence. its taken me 2 yrs just to learn how to drive and reverse parking i am even slower at learning. u will get there, nearly everyone takes a coupla go's to get their lisence. i know what its like to feel the way u do though, and evrything just seems to confirm it....its awfull space to be in

  3. aww don't say your a failure don't give in and don't give up and you will get there that's all you can do and staying positive no matter how much this sounds like a self help book you have to remind yourself that going forward is the only way you will get there wow that sounds cheesy.

  4. keep trying i kno u can do it!!!