Thursday, 6 August 2009

Im Back

Oh my goodness, I honestly thought I had lost my blog then, but turns out I was logging in with the wrong email haha...

So I went on holidays for a week, and ate like a pig. Three meals a day: cooked breakfasts, bacon rolls, burgers, chips, pizzas, ice cream etc etc. I come home and weigh and I am 133 lbs. Seriously, WTF????! Of course I am over the moon, but... HOW? It doesnt make sense! How can I eat loads and not gain, but when I do all I can to lose it always goes terribly wrong and I end up bigger than before?! :/

Anyway, since Ive been home I havent been calorie counting, just trying to eat little, never finishing anything. I am 131.5lbs today. But I feel loads bigger :( I think I need to start counting again...

Im thinking a lot today.

1. About uni and living arrangements. I planned to live at home this year because I had such a shit time last year, but now Im thinking Im gna be really out of the loop when it comes to night life etc because I will be coming home everyday. But if I couldnt live on my own last year, I dont want the same thing to happen again this year :/

2. I turn 21 this year, and still have no plans. I want to do something because Im only gna have one 21st birthday, but what could I do?


  1. Hey! Welcome back! I was wondering were you disappeared to. Like seriously, I was checking up on you just last night. Glad you are back now :) Oh, and glad you are even smaller than before!

    For my 21st birthday I had this plan since I was 18 to go to Vegas and get sloshed. Come the date, I ended up pregnant. STILL went to Vegas though - didn't get drunk, of course. It was a blast, for the most part..

    Anyway, once again I'm glad to see you back on and I'm looking forward to some more updating and posts and all that.

    i was wondering what happened to you! ugh.
    and way to keep your weight off!

    and i turn 21 this year too. yay!
    thats my goal date to have all my weight lost by. <3

  3. go clubbing: hit every single bar/club/whatever in your city.
    thats what im gonna do :)

  4. welcome back!!! 21 yeah go out to a club or a w/e away?? i have no idea. i was in rehab for my 21st....

  5. for my 21st, i got drunk and watched the olympics. michael phelps was almost attractive from the neck up after the third gin and tonic.

    welcome back, beteedubs, and congrats on the amazing random weight loss! isn't it awesome??