Thursday, 13 August 2009

Oh my goodness, you are all so supportive, it means so much to me!!!! I love you girls :)

Well day one went pretty good, I had half an apple + half an apple, but then at dinner time my mam made me eat so I had prawns (which I thought were kind of white lol) and the lowest cal thing we had. Also I burnt 179cals on the treadmill.

Today was yellow day and didnt go so well. I went out first thing this morning with friends and didnt eat anything until about 6pm when they bought chips and made me eat cos I hadnt eaten all day. But I had only a few, it was barely half a plate, and chips are kind of yellow (haha oh goodness). Then when I got back I had a banana about 8pm... Sooo I hope I havent gained because of that :/ Also I havent managed to work out today cos Ive been out all day but I have been kinda active...

Tomorrow Im having a day off the diet because Im going to a sleepover and we are having chinese food (aargh) so I will work out in the day tomorrow, and not eat anything until Im at my friends, then only eat a little and as low cal as possible. Then back on the rainbow wagon saturday.

I just found out my best friend might not be able to make my party :'( Im absolutely gutted. It wont be the same if she isnt there :(

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