Thursday, 27 August 2009

Today is hard.

I havent been able to work out cos my dad isnt at work at the moment.

I have gone over my calories.

Ive had:
a boiled egg (70)
a piece of toast (130)
a rice cake (50)
yoghurt (95)
bowl of cereal (250 at least)

Thats approx. 595 cals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrgh :(

I am so hungry today, even though I have eaten loads all I want to do is eat. And ive drunk litres and litres of water and it just isnt helping :(

I really hope I havent gained and that I dont feel like this again tomorrow its unbearable!

Ive taken some laxatives, I hope they kick in soon and get some of this shit out of my body.

NO CEREAL. NO BREAD. Wtf am I playing at?! Grr.....


  1. keep it together girl! you can do it! and how in the world can you get yourself to drink so much water?! i find it almost impossible haha.


  2. i drink water all the time i can drink loads of it aslong as i keep some by me but it doesnt help the cravings :/