Friday, 14 August 2009

Today is going good. Intake: a few grapes. I didnt think I would get to work out cos my dad is home but he went out to the shop and I managed to fit in 20mins on the treadmill burning 180 cals :) Also, I am happy today because my jeans fit (they dont fit everyday lol, and havent for a long time now...) Im a little worried about chinese food later, but I will try to be strong!!!!!!


  1. If you are somewhere that you have to eat make sure you have an almost empty can of soda with you so you can spit food into it when you are "taking a sip" just make sure no one is looking when you spit. And when you are finished crunch the top of the can so pepople can't see in and throw it away.

  2. omg nothing makes me more happier than my jeans fitting me perfectly, show my efforts are working :D
    keep up the good work hunni.

  3. They don't allow you to work out? What is up with that?!

  4. I love it when my jeans look good on me and fit right. =) That's the best feeling in the world. Why did you have to wait for your dad to leave to work out? Chinese food ughhhh =( Chinese food has MSG in it (the americanized kind) to make it stay tasting good after staying on buffet for so long. MSG is an excitotoxin, which speeds up your brain cells and kills them. And you dont grow brain cells back. =(

    Maybe you can tell them that, and you are a health nut, and you refuse to eat it because you will die. =D

  5. Jeans fitting is the best mood booster. Careful with the MSGs! Drink lots of water

  6. yay for fitting jeans!
    i love that when that happens :]]
    good luck at your friends house and stay strong you can do it!!!