Sunday, 12 July 2009

I havent weighed today, but yesterday my intake was 100 and today my intake has been 405.
I will weigh tomorrow and hope I will have lost a little (or a lot!!! lol)
Ive done most of my holiday shopping, less than two weeks to go now!! But I do seem to have suddenly ended up with more clothes than I could ever need... haha :/
It will be the first time I have ever worn a bikini. Woah. So I very much need to lose lose lose!!!
I start driving lessons again tomorrow, I am kinda nervous. I can drive, but make stupid mistakes sometimes cos I am so worried about getting everything right. I need to pass my test this has been dragging on way too long.
Im off out tonight, the weather is too nice to be stuck in. Just diet coke for me and then by the time I get home it will be gone midnight so no food til tomorrow :)

How is everyone doing? Sorry I have been so off track lately :(


  1. that's exactly how i am! i like to restrict for about 3 or 4 days and not weigh in and then on the morning after a few days i weigh and it seems like a lot! good luck with driving - its fun!

  2. omg i do the same thing with driving.. like forgetting which pedal is which.. forgetting how to use the turn signal.. lol
    stay strong, you can lose the weight you gained no problem :)

  3. driving test.. awesome! haha.
    man, i passed valedictorian for driving and top of my driving class for grades, and five months later totaled my car 7 miles from home (thats a statistic if you havent learned that.. 75% or something of accidents occur within 25 miles of home! :()

    but anyways, hey im doing good!
    girl, and dont be drinking that diet coke straight. that aspartame in there will KILL you.. either with cancer, or MS. its not even supposed to be in food.. read up on it. :(
    if you want a carbonated drinkyyy..

    take two cups club soda, 2 tsp vanilla extract, and 2 packets stevia (the only safe sweetener with zero cals) and you got cream soda! :) just looking out for ya!