Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. At least it isnt just me!!! Hope everyone is okay today?

It has been so hot today. I went for a walk with the guy I used to like, and got very sunburnt and it hurts ouch... Also, blisters again!! I really need to get some proper shoes... Lol.

He has a new girlfriend in uni, that he mumbled during our conversation last night, as though he didnt want me to know. Quite funny really... I dont mind, I dont like him anymore, but I know he still likes me lol... Anyway we were talking about weight and stuff cos hes trying to be healthy over summer, and he guessed that I was between 11 and 12 stone FUCKING HELL DO I LOOK THAT BIG?!!! Im 9 stone 4.5 lbs for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a little lonely tonight. I invited like 7 people over, and none of them can make it. And their reasoning is that they are having a night in.. WTF ??! Have a night in with meeeeee. Meh :/ Im watching old films and doing a jigsaw puzzle. I feel like a granny.

Points Today: 24


  1. Guys know nothing about weight. Don't take it personal ;)

  2. hahaha
    i love granny nights :)
    secret: i used to knit. a lot.
    its time consuming lol

    im more of a stay in person to.
    (i have to be, im on probation HAHA)
    but ive learned to enjoy it.
    and UGH dont listen to what that dude says for sure, the last thing you need is for someone who knows nothing about weight to ruin your day. i mean, im 10 stones and i would be pissed if i heard that, but you gotta remember he's a dude and for a dude, you cant expect very good guesses, lol.

    have a great day!!
    go orangeeee