Tuesday, 7 July 2009

So, In response to Sundays binge, I, of course, binged all of Monday too. Grrrrrrrrr :(
Today I havent eaten anything so far.
I dont really have a plan anymore, other than DONT FUCKING EAT. Pretty simple huh.
500 cals limit on everyday, maximum.
And no weighing, for like a week. I cant bear to see the big numbers.


  1. i feel for ya! ive been overeating like
    there isnt going to be anymore food.

    and i almost dont care..
    my thyroid is fucked up so no matter how little i eat or how much i exercise i wont be able to lose weight until i get meds for it. :(

    but you can get back on track.
    you just hang in there. :)

  2. I have faith in you, too. I think the weighing yourself in a week is a good idea. I think weighing once a week is a better idea than every day - although, I have to admit, I love seeing your daily numbers go down (as I am sure you do!)

    I forget, what triggered the binge in the first place?

  3. i'm not eating either!

    stay strong

  4. My parents came home after a week away and brought loads of food back and my mam made a big family meal and it just sort of escalated from there, the more i ate the worse i felt the more i ate etc etc :(