Saturday, 4 July 2009

Party last night was amaaaaazing :D Very Good Times.

I drank maybe too much (haha way too much) but I wasnt ill or anything and could still walk by the end of the evening so its all good. And cos I was drinking I had to eat otherwise I would be ill, and I ate quite a bit and when I went to weigh this morning I was sure I would have gained from the food and alcohol... BUT Im actually down half a lb haha so now I am 129 lbs hooray :)

Surprised and pleased. But scared to eat anything in case I gain.. So no food today. Or maybe like an apple or something later if I need.

Points for yesterday: -2
Points for today: 18


  1. Who's holding the weight loss competition? Sounds fun!

  2. congrats! stay strong. drink lots of water

  3. I'm not eating today, either. If you need support, i'm here. I love fasting days!

    Congratulations on the weight loss!