Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Very upset today after failing yet another driving test. I cried so hard i was almost sick and gave myself a banging headache. My weight is back up to 134.5lb and im back in my 'fat jeans'. This seems to be an endless battle. It seems i am a failure at everything lately. I burned 179cals on the treadmill. I have eaten salmon with potato waffle things. The salmon was 200 cals i think cos it had some wierd sauce all over it.. Im not sure about the potato. I could barely eat it cos I felt so ill but i was so upset i needed something inside me to calm me down. Thats all Ive had though so I hope im down a little tomo. I binged yesterday on chocolate bars and cereal. I have now banned myself from chocolate and cereal. I cant be trusted. Im gna go and dose up on fibre tablets now.. im trying to avoid laxatives as best I can, especially as I need a whole box to get any results these days :/


  1. I have the same prroblem with the lax, they just don't kick in :(

    stay strong

  2. Hey =D
    Thanks for your comment. If it makes you feel any better, it's all stupid bloat weight I'm losing. I'm sure not fat. Once I drop below 140, we can talk lol.
    Alas, I too failed my drivers tests... 3 times. I could say "don't worry about it", but I know how it feels and no matter how many times someone says that it doesn't make it better. But you're not the only one!
    As far as fibre tablets vs lax... I've found a really nice "diet pill" that focuses on metabolism boosting (yay us!) and... ridding the body of wastes. It's called Vivitas Fat Cleanse wellness.
    I find it works well to purge the system, but you have to take it 30mins before eating.
    Hope you have a good day.