Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sometimes I hide from myself. I think if I ignore something it doesnt exist. My ED, this blog... :(

It hurts loving someone who doesnt love you back.
Truly madly deeply in love. And yet they will never want you.
This hurts me. It breaks my heart.

I eat cereal, with sugar, knowing it will never make me feel better. Seeking comfort in something that I know I will hate myself for.

Im in love and I hate it. Im obsessed with food and I hate it. Mostly, I hate me.


  1. please don't hate yourself.

    i happen to think you're pretty fabulous. and i completely understand the love/hate relationship with food.

  2. don't hate yourself. I really enjoy your posts. so don't leave me or i'll cry

    And yes, love. is. a. bitch. but we have to love to be human