Friday, 4 September 2009

My chest hurts :(
I try to do 20mins on the treadmill everyday, cos im not big on exercise at all so something is better than nothing!!
But today after about 5mins my chest was tight and wheezing out of breath, and at one point i had to grab the sides to stop shooting off the end, catching my foot on the door owww :(
I dont get it though!! Shouldnt i get fitter the more i work out?! It seems as though im getting worse!!! :/
I pushed myself to finish the session even though most of it was spent walking (as opposed to only 80% spent walking haha..) and still managed to burn 175cals yay.

I am on day 4 of abc, and so far havent failed. I am determined to do it this time. I have to get rid of this weight and not sabotage my own progress. In every aspect of life, I am my own worst eney and the only one holding myself back.

Ive been pretty down this week, feeling miserable and sorry for myself. Useless and such. I hope this passes i am so fed up...

My weight is 130lbs, so fingers crossed i will be in the 120s tomorrow :D

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  1. As a personal trainer, I can only suspect (without looking at you) that you're not fueling your workouts properly. Cardio on its own rarely tones the body unless you're doing some really steep inclines and power intervals. Also, stop watching the 'calories burned' monitor...this has little basis in reality.

    By not eating properly and doing cardio all the time you're stressing your adrenal glands and interfering with the fat burning process. You'll have to start eating again sometime. There's excellent discussions on this site here: I wish you the best of luck.